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I find the tactics of the administration loathsome, and I mean to have that word quoted.

Helen Vendler

Harvard professor, Department of English

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Update your profile pic to support the efforts challenging Harvard’s sanctions that punish students who join off-campus, single-sex social organizations. Simply click update your profile pic and “add frame” then search “Stand Up To Harvard.” #standuptoharvard

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Harvard has imposed a policy that punishes students for simply belonging to a private, single-sex organization like my own [insert organization]. Students have the right to shape their own futures—it’s is time to stand up to Harvard! Take a stand with us at #standuptoharvard

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On December 3, brave students, sororities and fraternities filed lawsuits in federal and Massachusetts courts to stand up for the rights of students. It is time to STAND UP TO HARVARD. Take a stand with us at #standuptoharvard

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Learn more about how to support candidates for office who were members of single-sex organizations and/or understand the proven value of these groups. In addition to taking action through litigation, we must also strengthen protection for students’ rights in legislation.

Remarkably, a Harvard student could join the American Nazi Party and still captain the soccer team, but not belong to a sorority.